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Gas Boiler Repair

Gas Boiler Repair – RGI Registered Gas Installer

If you are having problems with your gas boiler, purely from a safety aspect, you should have it inspected without delay. Gas boilers can be very dangerous if they are not operating properly and you continue to use it. Never ever take any chances with your gas boiler. If your in any doubt, call us out.

Greystones Plumbling Services provides a first class gas boiler repair service for all makes and types of gas boilers. All of our highly experienced gas boiler engineers are RGI Registered Gas Installers and fully qualified and insured.

Gas Tank repair

Gas Tank repair

In Ireland, it is illegal for any company or person to carry out any kind of repair, installation or service work on anygas boiler unless they are fully registered with RGI, which we are. As with oil boilers and other gas appliances, you should have your gas boiler serviced at least once a year. Gas boilers that are not serviced regularly and maintained properly are more prone to breakdown and needing repair.

If your gas boiler needs to be repaired, call Greystones Plumbing .ie for a first class expert gas boiler repair service. We operate on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis and have a large team of highly qualified gas boiler experts who are all RGI registered and compliant.


With the way the economy is today, you would expect Dublin plumbing companies to have a bit of understanding of the financial difficulties people are under. But you might be surprised to realise that the vast majority of plumbing companies in Dublin are still charging their customers callout fees. Greystones have never charged any such hidden fees and we never will. Our rates are some of the most competitive of any Dublin plumbing company plus, you have the added assurance of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So remember, if you need a gas boiler repair, call the people you can trust to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Call Greystones



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